Weird Sounds PDX

Febuary 16 2020


Febuary 8 2020

51: Sitar with a Big Grille
52: Wide Open Spaces
53: Video Game Sounds
54: Gonna blow your mind

December 1 2019

A simple beat… Weird Soundz – Don, Thomas, Mike

June 16 2019 Fatherz Day Jam Session

Shit Shave Shower
Typewriter Waves
Yucca Valley
Space Chipmunks

June 9 2019 Threeeezzzeee

Bounding Back
Chicken Loop
Dixie Cup Symphony
Laid Back Reggs
Skankin’ Train
Starts Slowly
Trashcan Mandolin

Jun 1 2019 Four Top for Weird Sounds your table is ready…

Floppy Bunny

June 1 2019

Coming together eventually

May 25 2019 Weird Rainy Spring Saturday Sounds — T.W. M.M. and D.O.

One Step Between Them

May 25 2019 Weird Sounds

Honk Honk Honk

Might Be

Miles Away


May 17 2019 Weird Friday Weird Sounds — T.W. and D.O.

Friday A.M.

Weird Friday Session – Thomas and Don.

There’s a mouse in the Space Station

Melodica meets Mandolin

Let yourself Grow

May 11 2019 Weird Sounds Saturday

Clear Dub 60 B.P.M.

Western Oregon Meditation Awakening

Woodstock Reggae Exploration

Strong Woman

Cinco de Mayo Edition of Weird Sounds – May 5, 2019

A minimalist feel today. Dubbed out mandolin, Novation Circuit Jam Box, Cello, Melodica, Trumpet, gutted out kids piano made into a finger piano, vocals …

Open Sky Ghost Town

Weird Sounds May 5 2019 Don and Thomas

Summits of Wy’East

Shuffle Better