Hall Pass Band

The Dispenser mascot for Hall Pass band
The Dispenser mascot for Hall Pass band from Portland, Oregon.

Hall Pass began in 2015 when a group of teachers came together for some self-care. Music was a way for us to have fun and forget the challenges that come with our jobs.  Pretty soon we realized that we were having a lot of fun playing together, and we wanted to share that with our friends. We play a variety of covers and styles that reflect our musical upbringing and diversity. Neil Young, Bob Dylan, Many Chau, Bob Marley, The Rolling Stones, and Santana are some of the artists we embrace and explore as we bring their songs to life.

Representing districts from the Portland, Oregon metro area, we, as teachers, see playing together as our hall pass from our jobs.  We hope you enjoy our music as much as we do.

Rob Jamieson: Drums

Ben Grosscup: Bass

Scott Sobel: Keyboard

Don Olsen: Mandolin,Vocals

Harris Ambinder: Guitar, Harmonica, Vocals

Mike Webb: Guitar, Vocals

Anibal Rivera: Guitar, Vocals