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In the Daily AEther

Ether you do or you don’t. You will or you won’t. 

The Ether is what was thought to be in between. Now we think we know more, but there are still unseen, unknown forces that are at work. Artists tend to be sensitive beings who are able to channel some of the unknown and decode it. Make something of it. 

Being Me: I have to record information. I write it down. I make lists. I make drawings. I make things that are somewhere between the two things.  They are not linear, but they are made of lines. They don’t make complete sense, but they do make some sense.  The space between places and things, how far away you are sitting from me. Does my breath smell?

Me, you know…   Don Olsen .
A Stand up Stage. 

970 The Beat was an AM Radio station in Portland during the 90’s. It played “alternative” always a poorly defined term. I remember painting my parents bathroom and listening to 970 through the left speaker only, pulled into the bathroom from the other room and cranked up. I did this almost every day to take a shower too. Sometimes radio, though often CDs. Yeah!

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