S T A R T E R | Favorite T-shirts

Eyeballhead on Infinity Moebus Strip

Your favorite T-shirt is clean and ready to wear. It sets the tone for the day, even if the shirt is going to be covered immediately up with a shirt or a sweater, doesn’t matter, it’s like Superman’s S. It’s on Clark Kent’s chest ready to fly when called upon. We’ll we’re ready to help you find that new favorite T shirt that will power you up. Give you that little kick you need. Thanks for your interest. Click the shirt to see more, and check back often and/or connect on social media. Cheers! 

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S A L A D | Mixed Media Drawings

Inner States  Icon
Mixed Media Drawing
8″x 10″ on paper
Don Olsen| 2018

These works are reminiscent of my current working style and method. I toss alot of different things in the mix and then season it to my taste. I use traditional printmaking methods like etching and monoprinting along with loose ink-wash, drawing and painting.

These works were a freeing thing for me to do. I have struggled with feeling creative with the severe cleanliness guidelines of traditional printmaking as well as the need for multiples that are exactly the same. I use relief methods to create my “stage” and then other methods to flesh out the finished work. Each piece is an original and looks different from the rest of the pieces in the edition.  I use the print as a point of departure, something to work within and fight against.  I often soak the pages in inkwater and work on them with drawing and maining media. 
I think about point of view when I make these. What does it mean to look out of my eyes? What is it like to look out of your eyes?
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S O U P |  Painting Originals 

Glaciers, Icebergs and Red Pig Head
Don Olsen | 2018 | Acrylic on Canvas

A soup is its ingredients and spices mingling together by the chance encounter of being together in a high temperature situation. 
These painting are still in process and may change over time.  These have not seen the light of day until now. Paintings, for me, are open ended. They don’t start with sketches, (though old sketches sometimes get collaged it there). The one you see here is on canvas, but many of them are acrylic and collage on wood. 
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E N T R E E |  Custom ProjectSteve Prefontaine

Me next to Pre 
(I’m 6′ 1″ and he is over 10′ )

In 2016 I was asked to do a big portrait of Steve Prefontaine for a local footwear shop. I knew Pre’s story but I threw myself into research anyway. I dug up photographs, read articles about him from the day, and rewatched the bio-docs about him that came out in a pair in 1997/98. He inspired tons of people to take up running and though I am not one of those people, he inspired me anyway. His perseverance and gutsy performances are truly the stuff of legend. 
I was thrilled to take on this challenge to represent a hero of the business owner to all of their customers and to the neighborhood at large. If you would me to work to visually set your business walls to work telling your story please reach out to don@donolsen.com 
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D E S S E R T | Lunch Box Drawings

Feel Good  | Don Olsen | Pen on Paper | 1.5″ sq. | 2017

Feel Good! I send these little drawings with my kids each day, in their lunches. I’ve been doing it as long as they’ve been going to school. I do it so that when they are at school they can remember that I’m thinking about them and that I love them. 
Most of them come back from school unharmed. Click through to see a collection of the various stuff I draw.  It is also a great creative exercise to do piece start to finish before the coffee even kicks in.
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