* |  The Work: Synergy of Printmaking and Drawing.

The press is only the beginning.

Printmaking has traditionally been used as a tool to reproduce images. I use it as starting point to structure my compositions and provide opportunities for myself when I come back to these nooks to develop each print into a unique piece of artwork.

This piece was finished up on my spring break vacation. We took the family to Yosemite to see what that place was about. The rocks are astounding. I couldn’t get enough of Half Dome. I learned that all of the rocks of Yosemite valley began their life over 5 miles under the ground as a lava pool.

* | Draw Everyday: Art Education

This Summer’s Camp is On!
Dates Announced Soon.

My goal is to help young artists explore their personal style by creating their own unique “recipe” for creating art. We cultivate a fun atmosphere. We use positive encouragement and a consultation style of feedback challenging students to make decisions and to develop style, technique and meaning in their art work use open dialogue to push past the expectation of “good” or “pretty”. Students will learn a multitude of professional printmaking techniques and be given the freedom to explore and experiment within each process. We aim to build an experience that is fun, fulfilling, and most importantly a sense of confidence in each child’s unique creative expression.

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