S T A R T E R S | Represent!

Hey Hall Pass fans! From now until our gig on Dec 7, 2018 get Hall Pass T-shirts for $15 Enjoy! I have Women’s and youth sizes.  Design is printed directly onto high quality shirts and shipped direct. 

“The paper towel dispenser has an attitude, and why not. Spitting up hall passes all damn day.”

My Shop also has many of my bike T-shirt designs! 
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S A L A D | Mixed Media Drawings

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Mixed Media Drawing
8″x 10″ on paper
Don Olsen| 2018

These works are reminiscent of my current working style and method. Like a mixed green salad, I toss a lot of different things in and season it to taste. I use traditional printmaking tools like etching and monoprinting, along with loose ink-wash, drawing and painting.

These works are freeing for me. I don’t follow traditional printmaking guidelines where every print from the set is exactly the same. Instead I use relief methods to create my “stage” and other methods to flesh out the finished work. My philosophy is to use the print as a point of departure – something to work within and fight against. I think about my point of view when making these. What does it mean to look out of my eyes? How is it different to look out of your eyes?
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S O U P |  Painting Originals 

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Painting is like cooking. You gotta mix up some soup to begin with, and then other things are added to add contrasts of texture and color, I develop them until they have a sense of themselves, a bold seasoning and yet an openness to the natural tendencies of the various media.
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E N T R E E |  Retail Mural: Steve Prefontaine

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A running shoe store owner in my neighborhood wanted to have a really BIG portrait of Steve Prefontaine to display on the wall of his shop. Steve was an international distance running legend. He remade the sport in his own image. At the time of his untimely death he held every American distance running record from 2000 meters to 10,000 meters. 
I knew Pre’s story,  but wanted to research more about his life. I found photographs and newspaper clippings describing a transformational visionary in his running. He inspired people to become runners and jog recreationally. His perseverance and gutsy performances are truly the fabric of legends. I was thrilled to take on this challenge to showcase the business owner’s hero to his customers and the community.

If you would like me to visually tell your story, email me to discuss at don@donolsen.com. 
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D E S S E R T | Lunchbox Drawings

Feel Good! I send these little drawings in my kids lunchboxes each day. I’ve been doing it as long as they’ve been going to school (over 5 years now). I make these so they can remember that I’m thinking about them and I love them. It is also a great creative exercise to do from start to finish before the coffee even kicks in.
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